Mandy Michael

Mandy is the Lead Front End Developer at Seven West Media in Western Australia. Previously, she has worked as Head of Front End Development at The Brand Agency and also as a Digital Project Manager. She is a lover of CSS and Batman and blogs about her adventures in geek fashion.

Mandy is an avid supporter of the local community, running Fenders- a meetup group for front end developers – for nearly three years. In 2016, she joined Perth{Web}Girls as an organiser and mentor aiming to encourage women to code. Recently Mandy was part of team Mixin, a web conference aimed at encouraging a more creative and collaborative web for Perth and Australia.

She loves the supportive and collaborative nature of the web and strives to encourage this environment through the community groups she is a part of. Her aim is to create a community of web developers who can share, mentor, learn and grow together.