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Rob is the original evangelist for Mixed Reality (AR & VR) using open web standards. He’s an invited expert with the W3C, the Khronos group plus the ISO and he’s been involved in Mixed Reality research and development for the last 12 years.

Rob believes the creation of immersive experiences should be democratized and not just available to those with large budgets and a team of developers. In 2009 he lead the team that launched the world’s first web based AR Content Creation platform (

Now, Rob is the CEO & co-founder of the platform which gives you the power to create, view and share Mixed Reality using your web browser. It makes it easy to add 3D models, animations, event driven information or actions to your creations, all without any coding required. Or you can use our open source awe.js API to add your own custom functionality.

Rob Manson is CEO and co-founder of, the world’s leading Augmented Reality Content Management System. Rob is the Chair of the W3C Augmented Web CG and an Invited Expert with the ISO, W3C and the Khronos Group. He is an active evangelist within the global AR and standards communities and he is regularly invited to speak on the topics of the Augmented Web, Augmented Reality, WebRTC and multi-device platforms. Rob’s latest book “Getting started with WebRTC” is now a 5 star hit on Amazon.


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