Day 1

9:00 am
9:00 am housekeeping


Welcome, or welcome back to our first Summit in 3 years.

9:15 am
9:15 am keynote

Bridging the World through Cross-Cultural Creativity & Innovation

Yiying Lu, Fast Company Most Creative Person in Business

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Front End Dev





11:00 am React

Remix, Server Components, NextJS: Navigating the future of React

Ben Teese, Principal Software Engineer Shine Solutions

11:00 am Engineering

Web Performance 2023

Henri Helvetica, Head of Developer Community WebPageTest

11:00 am Design

Better Onboarding

Krystal Higgins, UX leader & Author "Better Onboarding"

11:00 am Product

The Shapeshifting Product Manager

Daniel Kinal, GM Product Management Reivernet Group

11:00 am Content

The Content Strategy Practice Blueprint

Natalie Marie Dunbar, Author, Speaker, Teacher, Senior Manager, UX Content Strategy

11:00 am Career

5 habits I learned to climb the career ladder

Keerthana Krishnan, Software Engineer Yamdu

11:35 am


Front End Dev





11:35 am React

Working fluently with Data in React

Tejas Kumar, Director of Developer Relations Xata

11:35 am Engineering

Technically speaking: improve your code with documentation

Alexandra White, Technical Writer Google

11:35 am Design

Designing Digital for Reality

Oliver Weidlich, Director of Design & Innovation Contxtual

11:35 am Product

You Better Shape Up

Eli Ferrall, VP of Product VGW

11:35 am Content

Beyond good intentions: the secret sauce of content design

Angus Gordon and Lorien Kaye, Content strategist & Content designer Weave

11:35 am Career

A tale of the flip floppers. From engineer to manager and back again.

Matt Colman, Engineering Manager Atlassian

12:15 pm


Front End Dev





12:15 pm React

Vanilla Extract: CSS Preprocessing in the Age of Components

Mark Dalgleish, Co-creator of CSS Modules and Vanilla Extract, MelbJS organiser, Staff Front End Developer Shopify

12:15 pm Engineering

Trust me, I'm an open-source developer

Charlie Gerard, Senior developer advocate Stripe

12:15 pm Design

Fixing Frustrating Design Patterns in 2023

Vitaly Friedman, Editor-in-chief, Creative Lead Smashing Magazine

12:15 pm Product

OKRs are the new Git

Sten Pittet, Co-founder Tability

12:15 pm Content

Information Architecture: More than just a navigation menu

Jo Minney, Co-founder & Principal House Digital

12:15 pm Career

All the things I learnt as a junior developer ( you don't have to)

Terence Huynh, Software Engineer Atlassian

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Front End Dev





2:15 pm React

The algebraic structure of functions, illustrated using React components

James Sinclair, Senior Software Engineer Atlassian

2:15 pm Engineering

When new CSS features collide: possibility and complexity at the intersections

Rachel Andrew, Content Lead for Chrome Developer Relations Google

2:15 pm Design

The leadership path for senior designers

Lucinda Burtt, Product Design Leader ex-Meta

2:15 pm Product

Grow Any Product 400% with Product-Led

Peter Ikladious, Principal and Co-founder Unlocking Growth

2:15 pm Content

Create a thoughtful content design practice using your existing design process

Janine Saunders, Senior Content Designer Canva

2:15 pm Career

Good Mentors Make Good Managers; a journey from IC to Management

Philip Boardman, Engineering Manager Red Bubble

2:50 pm


Front End Dev





2:50 pm React

Comparing JavaScript frameworks performance using real-world data

Dan Shappir, Performance Tech Lead NEXT Insurance

2:50 pm Engineering

Defensive CSS

Ahmad Shadeed, Design Engineer Freelancer

2:50 pm Design

Branding for accessibility: an inclusive approach to identity

Kate Linton, Head of Design Thoughtworks

2:50 pm Product

Reach your product vision

Ash Ma, Senior Product Manager Zip

2:50 pm Content

Agile content design in action

Judith Waller, Content Designer, Consumer Communications Australian Securities and Investments Commission

2:50 pm Career

Build you career with open source

Justin Mclean, VP Training Services Instaclustr

3:25 pm


Front End Dev





3:25 pm React

Hotwired Reactive Web Development - How LowJS Can You Go?

Josh Graham, CTO Cookaborough

3:25 pm Engineering

CSS Architecture with Layers, Scope, and Nesting

Bramus Van Damme, Chrome Developer Relations Engineer Google

3:25 pm Design

Behind the Story

Steph Troeth, Head of Research dxw

3:25 pm Product

The Road Atlas: Visual Storytelling with Roadmaps

Tadeh Hakopian, Program Manager

3:25 pm Content

BFFs: Content designers and engineers. The perfect pairing.

Mary Sabotkoski, Content Practice Lead Open Universities Australia

3:25 pm Career

The Autonomy of Developerhood

Nina Ajnira Karisik, Software Engineer, Founder of FiD, Coding Mentor at SheCodes MyPass Global

3:50 pm
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4:20 pm
4:20 pm keynote


Mark Pesce Broadcaster & Futurist

Day 2

9:00 am
9:00 am housekeeping

Welcome back

Welcome back for another in-depth day of amazing presentations
9:15 am
9:15 am keynote

Make Joy Your Design's Source Code

Himanshu Bharadwaj, Centime Make Joy Your Design's Source Code

10:00 am
10:00 am housekeeping

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10:45 am


Front End Dev





10:45 am React

A Modern History of Front-End Best Practices

Ben Taylor, Staff Software Engineer Stile Education

10:45 am Engineering

Building amazing apps with Project Fugu APIs

Thomas Steiner, Developer Relations Engineer Google

10:45 am Design

Designing with friction, it’s irritatingly good.

Patima Tantiprasut, Managing Director PetRescue

10:45 am Product

Building The Strategy Bridge

Alejandro Patterson & Simon Hilton, Principal Product Manager, Honey Insurance & Director of Product, Karbon

10:45 am Content

Embracing the Power of Content Research

Erica Jorgensen, Product content strategy Independent

10:45 am Career

From Imposter Life to Imposter Moments: Tips from a Psychologist turned Engineer

Cristi Middag, Software Engineer VGW

11:20 am


Front End Dev





11:20 am React

Creating and maintaining front end APIs

Isabel Brison, Front end engineer Automattic

11:20 am Engineering

The state of passwordless auth on the web

Phil Nash, Developer Evangelist Twilio

11:20 am Design

Designing for positive social and environmental impact

Mel Flanagan, Founder Nook Studios

11:20 am Product

A11y All the Things

Amanda Mace, Vice President AbleDocs

11:20 am Content

Improve UX research with content design

Patrick Stafford, COO and Cofounder UX Content Collective

11:20 am Career

Becoming a design leader without becoming a design manager

Richard Sison, Staff Product Designer at Roam Digital Roam Digital

11:55 am


Front End Dev





11:55 am React

Rethinking state management in React

Keerthana Krishnan, Software Engineer Yamdu

11:55 am Engineering

Exploring Temporal

Steve Harrison, Senior Front End Developer NSW Department of Customer Service

1:50 pm Design

Bringing Business Impact and User Needs together with Jobs to be Done (JTBD)

Itamar Medeiros, Director of Design Strategy SAP

11:55 am Product

Building organisational WCAG maturity through accessibility audits

Danielle Johnson, Manager, Digital Experience Deakin University Library

11:55 am Content

A content measurement model

Elle Geraghty, Content Strategist Elle Geraghty Content Strategy

11:55 am Career

Should Designers ______?

Corey Ginnivan, Lead Designer Appbot

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Like everything else we do, expect the best conference food you'll have anywhere, and plenty of it.

1:50 pm


Front End Dev





1:50 pm React

Reactive Programming in Modern Web

Aliaksei Kuncevič, Google Developer Expert Angular Consulting

1:50 pm Engineering

Controlling, designing and improving text on the web

Mandy Michael, Staff Software Engineer Hireup

10:45 am Design

Why Data Science and UX Research should be Best Friends

Grishma Jena, Data Scientist, UX Research Operations IBM

1:50 pm Product

Substitution To Be Announced

Due to a last minute challenge, our scheduled speaker will be replaced. Stay tuned

1:50 pm Content

How to deliver at-scale personalisation through content fragments

Kanika Bhatia, Sr Digital Content Strategy Manager ANZ Bank

1:50 pm Career

Neurodiversity: A Paradigm Shift from the Silent Disability to the Super Power

Shaila Man, Culture Amp Lead Technical TA & People Geek

2:25 pm


Front End Dev





2:25 pm React

Refactoring Components

Erin Zimmer, Software Engineer Cash App

2:25 pm Engineering

Mobile accessibility: testing mobile sites and native apps for accessibility

Gian Wild, CEO AccessibilityOz

2:25 pm Design

Operating a global fully remote product design team

Natalie Harper, Director of Product Design

2:25 pm Product

From 0 to 1 million users: The secrets to building products that scale

Carmen Chung, Director of Product Fl0

2:25 pm Content

Selling an idea to try something new in a large org

Anna Dixon, Senior Service Designer ABC

2:25 pm Career

Sync to Async - adjusting to the new work style

Anton Ball, Full stack team lead Doist

3:00 pm


Front End Dev





3:00 pm React

React Native Everywhere

Taz Singh, Founder Guild

3:00 pm Engineering

Making Content Creation Tools Accessible

Julie Grundy, Senior Digital Accessibility Consultant Intopia

3:00 pm Design

A New Future for the Interface: Reaching Toward True Adaptation

Liam Spradlin, Interface Designer Google

3:00 pm Product

How to Be Relentlessly Resourceful in Building A Bootstrap Design Education Startup

Stella Guan, Founder & CEO, Multidisciplinary Designer Path Unbound

3:00 pm Content

Content Strategy Round Table

Elle Geraghty leads a wrap up panel of speakers so bring your questions!

3:00 pm Career

CV Makeover

Mags Hanley, Steve Gilles and Georgina Robilliard,

3:30 pm
3:30 pm housekeeping

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4:00 pm
4:00 pm keynote

The infrastructures of everyday life

Dan Hill, Professor and Director, Melbourne School of Design Melbourne School of Design

5:00 pm
5:00 pm housekeeping


Farewell, but hopefully for not too long after two days filled with learning, connection and inspiration.