Sally Bagshaw

Porrtrait of Sally Bagshaw

Sally is a Brisbane-based content strategist who likes big, messy web redevelopment projects. A word nerd at heart, she isn’t afraid of spreadsheets or metadata but hates the word migration. She often finds herself giving pep-talks to clients that they will have their content ready on time. Sally has a special interest in the author experience, and how writing for the web is evolving with technology, mobile and the rise of structure content.

2018 Update

Sally Bagshaw. is a word-nerdy copywriter and content strategist from Brisbane, Australia who loves to write. Since establishing Snappy Sentences she’s had a variety of clients, and have written many websites, brochures and publications. When she’s not writing for clients you can find her on Twitter, at Interactive Minds and Networx events, hosting Brisbane Content Strategy Group meetups or writing about content strategy.


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