Liz Blink

An ex-academic turned product nerd who asks why at every opportunity. This drives me to keep the needs of the customer in focus for all that we do and for all that I ask others to do. I have fallen in love with product management because it challenges the individual in the role and the company when they choose the right individual. It is neither a place for complacency or acceptance. It is a place for dreaming the dream and understanding where the day-to-day can take you… and then it is rising above and asking for the dream anyway.

So passionate about product mgmt stuff I am a co-founder of the community Product Anonymous: where Melbourne-based product management folk get together & discuss product management topics & meet others in the industry or related fields (like UX).

I have been recognised as a top community builder in the 2017 & 2018 list of Leading Women in Product in Australia & New Zealand.


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