Greer Lucas

Greer thinks Culture Rocks! In fact, so much so, she named her company that. She works with passionate time-poor people leaders and their teams to go from surviving – reviving – to thriving.

With over 15 years of experience working with tier 1 organisations and SMEs in the areas of Technology, Operations and Consulting, she understands the challenges people leaders face in balancing the operational imperatives of their roles, with nurturing happy, productive and loyal teams.

She understands the challenges because she’s been there – instilled culture during 400% team-growth in 3 years, turned struggling and broken groups into productive teams, championed ‘people’ at executive levels using insights and awareness, and implemented practical and affordable initiatives that have driven engagement in fast-paced and challenging environments.

Greer was once asked to talk about ‘engaging people’ without moving her arms – she failed!

It is, without doubt, her most favourite topic and her passion can’t be contained.


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