Elizabeth Allen

Dr. Elizabeth Allen is a UX researcher, psychologist, and cat owner based in Toronto, Canada. She works at the ecommerce platform Shopify, where she conducts research to guide product teams in making strategic decisions about user experience. Before she got into UX, her research as an experimental psychologist focused on explaining why normal, healthy humans can differ widely in their cognitive and perceptual experiences of the world.

Like most at Shopify, Elizabeth is always working on at least one side business in her spare time. Currently, this means she’s writing a book to help academics transition into UX roles, and designing and selling psychology-themed products to sell at her store, goodgestalt.com.

2018 Update

Through a career of impactful research backed by a PhD in Cognitive Psychology, Dr. Elizabeth Allen has helped companies such as Shopify, Mozilla, United Airlines, and Wealthsimple deeply understand their users and design products that elegantly solve user problems.


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