Chris Strahl

Portrait of Chris Strahl

Chris is the CEO and co-founder of Knapsack, an enterprise software platform that unites product, design, and engineering teams in one workspace, offering a source of truth for collaborative digital product development. He’s worked on design systems within the world’s leading enterprises since 2016. Together with Evan Lovely they founded Knapsack in 2020 to focus on uniting product, design, and engineering into a single collaborative workspace.

As CEO, Chris focuses on steering the company toward innovative ways of changing how companies build their digital products. He’s spoken at Google, Meta, and recently at the Future of Design Systems conference about the emerging use of generative design and AI technology in design systems.

Chris is also the host of the Design Systems Podcast, a weekly conversation series with experts in design, development, product, and systems thinking. With over 70 episodes with industry leaders, practitioners, and design system community members, it is the leading podcast for design systems content.

Previously, Chris worked at Acquia in program management for their largest enterprise customers and at Phase2 where he was responsible for strategic sales and business development. Outside of work you can find him in the PNW on a river, climbing a trail, or dreaming up new worlds for his latest tabletop game.


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