Allen Wirfs-Brock

Allen Wirfs-Brock was the project editor and lead author of the ECMAScript 2015 Language Secification (ES6) that modernized the JavaScript programming language. Allen is also the co-author of JavaScript: the First 20 Years, the definitive history of the creation and evolution of JavaScript.

Allen is an expert in programming languages and their implementation with broad experience developing compilers, virtual machines, programming environments, and complete computer systems and has made major contributions to the design of both the JavaScript and Smalltalk programming languages.  Allen has been a strategic technologist, researcher, software architect, startup advisor, assembly language programmer, product developer, and manager. He founded two successful companies and has been a technical leader and contributor at: Mozilla, Microsoft, Instantiations, Parcplace-Digitalk, and Tektronix.

For his contributions, Allen Wirfs-Brock has been recognized as an ACM Distinguished Engineer and an Ecma International Fellow.


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