Shane Weddell

Portrait of Shane Weddell

No stranger to the pressures experienced in fast paced and demanding environments. Employing a patient approach and creative thinking to find ingenious solutions. A capacity to communicate at all levels — from software engineers up to the CEO developed.

With the abilities required to maximize a companies revenue growth and increase market share. And an enviable talent for business development, it was time for skin in the game.

Founding SilverStripe Australia in 2009 to support open source MVC framework in its early stage adoption. Driving the strategic expansion in domestic and international markets for several years.

An open source project can not thrive with a single source, only with a vibrant community. A passion for open source became augmented with a new passion.

Pursuing and sharing success with partner relationships as a core value. Connecting accomplished, emerging, freelance and enterprise organisations into a vibrant community. Providing the foundation to their commercial success.


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