Setting Up and Kick Starting TypeScript

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Many languages that compile to JavaScript have come and gone, which is why TypeScript is so interesting. As a JavaScript compiler, it’s seeing its popularity amongst server-side, ECMAScript developers, and even C# aficionados, rise.

TypeScript is a static typed language, which makes it easy to build robust and reliable interfaces you can trust in, especially with its compile-time error checking. When dealing with existing code in JavaScript, you may have to read extensively to see how each function works, working with TypeScript takes that guessing out of the equation. You can write solid Object-Oriented code which is very much like C# in the way it looks and feels, you can get code hints, and if it compiles after refactoring, your code probably works.

This short course takes you on a whirlwind tour of TypeScript, covering the environment, how you can get started with it, Object-Orientated patterns, and what’s been added to version 2.0.

Rather than knowing JavaScript, this course is perfect for those who know Object-Orientated programming and C#. This is also a must-watch for JavaScript developers with large code bases who want a bit of extra safety when refactoring. Enjoy!