Add More Responsive Tricks to Your Toolbelt

Responsive web design techniques have graduated from being the fancy cutting edge of web development and design to becoming the norm, the standard which most new website and application constructions must measure. Because of that, though, there are still tips and helpful techniques that can be earned by even experienced web developers.

In this course, you will be taught how to create elements with responsive background videos, how to use the picture tag to display responsive images, and how to use CSS to create scalable backgrounds. Getting backgrounds right, especially complex video backgrounds and images that need to be displayed correctly to the user can be a tricky endeavor, and this course will take you through all of that, giving you a few more tools in your responsive web design arsenal to create awesome responsive layouts for future projects!

Learn more about responsive web techniques through our courses. Flexbox, is a great short course diving into the Flexbox model for responsive web. For a comprehensive and intermediate deep dive into a responsive whole front-end workflow, take our project-driven course Responsive Web Development. It’s tricky but it will give you complete guided lessons into building responsive websites with a fully-functional front-end workflow, using Node.js, Gulp, Sass and more.

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