We love the concept behind Coil, a new way for sites to generate revenue, without relying on ads, and so we’re excited to provide Coil members something special

    All access weekends, exclusively for Coil members

    Visit Conffab from Friday 5pm until Sunday at midnight and access all the content at Conffab with no need to signup for an account.

    But, if you do create a free account, you’ll also be able to

    • Resume videos where you left off
    • Add videos to your “watch later” list
    • “Favorite” videos
    • Comment on videos

    All usually part of a Conffab Plus account, which costs $19.95 a month

    What do I need to do?

    To view all the content, every weekend, with no need for an account, just visit Conffab at the weekend with your Coil extension enabled.

    To also be able to favourite, comment, add to your witchiest and resume playing videos

    Want to know where to get started? Here are some great presentations around web monetisation, the technology behind Coil, and from early adopters and others instrumental in the development of the technology.

    Building a new Web Browser in 2019

    Yuriy Dybskiy

    Building a new browser might sound like a crazy idea. In this session we’d like to walk you through why we decided to build Puma Browser, why we think it’s important for the future of the web, what is Web Monetization Spec and Interledger Open Protocol.

    Using the Web Payments API

    Marcos Caceres

    In this session, Mozilla’s Marcos Caceres will provide an overview of the emerging Payment Request and Payment Response browser APIs and how to integrate them into existing HTML forms.

    He’ll also provide a sneak peek at the Payment Handler API, which the W3C is currently working on. It enables the creation of new ways to pay for things using, for example, virtual currencies.