Things designers and devs should know

For a while during Design18 this was the top tweet:

It seems to have struck a chord. So, this talk expands on what I meant.

The talk goes through things designers and devs should know about their counterparts; from the history and movements of their respective crafts (OO and FP are different, pop art and minimalism are different..) to specific tools and techniques they should know (eg. devs should know about colour theory, designers should know about versioning and release cycles).

Yes, designers should code. Yes, devs should design. No, neither one needs to do that to production quality unless they really want to go all-in (with a shout out to Diana McDonald… there is crossover here).

Bringing it together at the end I would be talking about how design and dev should be working together throughout the process; and the golden rule of collaborative knowledge – “learn about others as you’d have them learn about you”.

Ben Buchanan – Things Designers and Developers Should Know

Interesting question! What I try to give is some sense of what it was like to be there in the audience, which I can’t truly know in this case. Perhaps you can get a sense from things people tweeted during the talk, particularly the threads by Georgie and Allison: