The State of JavaScript in 2017

The landscape of JavaScript seems to be in constant flux. Not just the frameworks and build tools we use, but the very language itself now that new versions are being released annually. But where is it at right now, in 2017? And where is it headed in the near future? What changes will most impact the way you work in the coming years? How can you get involved in the process?

There’s few – if any – better placed to let us know than Brian Terlson, the editor of the ECMAScript standard, and long time member of TC39 (the standards committee for ECMAScript) who also works on TypeScript and Chakra, the JavaScript engine in the Edge browser.

ECMA TC39 now releases new versions of ECMAScript every year. Brian will cover how the new process works and briefly touch on a few awesome new language features in the standards pipeline. New capabilities for async programming will drastically clean up your async code. New RegExp features will bring in much-missed RegExp features from other languages. JavaScript will get even better for functional programming. And most importantly – you can help make TC39 design these new features. So, come and find out how!