The power of an individual product strategy, and how it helps with everything.

While the majority of businesses have a clearly defined and articulated business and overarching product strategy, often this is not translated to an individual product strategy. Instead we jump straight to relentless product delivery – without clarity on the end goal and how to get there.

In this presentation I’ll talk about three key areas:

  1. Individual product strategies – where they fit in and who owns them (hint: it’s gonna be the product manager).
  2. What a great strategy looks like and how it informs every decision a product manager makes.

    I’ll bring to life an individual product strategy as the ultimate tool to align and manage CEOs, executives, sales and marketing teams – in fact the whole company.

  3. How it informs goals, team resourcing, budgets and roadmaps. And importantly how it allows you to say ‘no’ nicely.
  4. Practical tips on how to take ownership of your product strategy and get the whole company aligned.