The Latest on Measuring Web Performance

Patrick is going to explore the current state of web performance measurement, both in a lab (synthetic) environment and from real users (RUM). There has been a lot of exciting advancement in this space with Google’s Core Web Vitals and evolving of other metrics over the years.

We will also explore how synthetic and RUM data complement each other and when each is most appropriate to use.

Link to Addy Osmani’s blog entry:“Web Page Usability Matters”:

Link to Addy Osmani’s Medium article: “The Cost of Javascript in 2018”

Link to the Google Search Central Blog post:
“Evaluating page experience for a better web”

Links to the resource pages for:

Largest Contentful Paint
Cumulative Layout Shift

First Input Delay
, and
Total Blocking Time

Links to the W3C Web Performance Working Group resource pages for:

Navigation Timing
Resource Timing, and
Network Error Logging

Link to

Link to Google’s PageSpeed Insights testing page.

Link to Google’s Search Central Blog on:
More time, tools, and details on the page experience update

Link to Simon Hearne’s article:
Everything we know about Core Web Vitals and SEO

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