The Landscape of (Extended) Reality

It feels like Virtual Reality is everywhere you look over the last year. For a technology that’s over 55 years in the making, it’s taken a long time for VR to become an “overnight success”. What’s driving this buzz and how does VR relate to Augmented, Mixed and Extended Reality?

We’ll set the context for how these new technologies create “Immersive” experiences and why this is the key defining factor that will drive the next computing revolution, much like mobile did over the last 10-15 years, and the PC did before that.

We’ll explore the key components that define these technologies and show you how you can start using them to solve design problems right now. Learn how you can use the Web to extend reality creating a friction-free, seamless experience for people across multiple devices (not just AR and VR goggles). Find out about the real world constraints that you need to keep in mind and how this is likely to evolve.