The Future of Performance

We’ve come quite far in web performance over the last decade, haven’t we? The connections are better than ever, the browsers smarter than ever, HTTP/2 is omnipresent and 5G is right here at the horizon! In fact, we’ve invented and mastered fancy code-splitting and tree-shaking techniques, reinvented bundling of assets in the world of HTTP/2 and learned how to minimize the payload to deploy fast and render soon. Are we done yet?

Not really. In this session, we’ll look into areas that still need some work to be done. What about next-generation image formats and video encoders? What about wide-established progressive rehydration and lazy-loaded frameworks? What about progressive deployment with JAM Stack and universal Brotli compression by default? We’ll also touch on priority hints, cutting-edge strategies for service workers, subsetting typographic spaces with variable fonts, performance optimization with Network Information API and Device Memory API, runtime optimizations with WebAssembly and analytics-based, predictive performance optimization. Also, we’ll explore the privacy/authentication aspects of performance and how new development will change the way we build and deploy on the web. The future isn’t here yet, let’s examine what it might bring to all of us!