The 15-Minute Model for Optimising Device Experiences

Craig hears all the time that “we test with the popular devices and browsers” but when he asks companies to prove it, there’s always a gap. After analysing over 400 client setups for Google Analytics data to pinpoint and test the device experiences, he discovered that it’s much worse than he thought. Regardless of the size and maturity of the company, he finds experiences, particularly on mobile, littered with UX bugs, rendering issues and broken functionality.

Customers won’t call up or complain, so Craig will share a data-driven approach that helps you test the right devices that are representative of the experience to flush out costly and harmful product defects. We all have these defects, so why not spend 15 minutes modelling work to check? Whether you’re running research where you need to know the right consumer device mix or want to give your client a proper testing list — this technique will save you time and improve fidelity of results.

Craig will share all the resources and tools to do this work yourself — no coding required. All you need to start experiencing products through the lens of the real device experience that consumers get is Excel, Google Analytics and 15 minutes of your time.