Q&A The Anatomy of an Accessible Auto-suggest

- I think my hope had always been as we move towards a more framework and a library kind of a based approach, that this stuff would just come along for free. Yet, I don't wanna call that angular but, ya know. - That'd be awesome, wouldn't it? Ideally every time when a new framework comes out, they've done all this work so we can just use it. - Well they've done a hell lot of other work, why not just do this bit too, right? - More often than not, they haven't though. So that's where if we, sort of touching on the whole design system concept that everyone's been talking about up to now, if we can build something like this and we can get it right, then once you've done it once, you put it in your design system, you put it in your patent library and it kinda works. - Right and that is the whole point of this by the way. That's our whole point of the story. The thing that we, all the pay points that this system are supposed to address that Rebecca talked about and Michael talked about, I think these are the principal ones. Let's get this right once and then roll it out whether it's a design system that's used externally or whether it's internal with your organisation. I would like to think that we could start doing that. But we're still a long way from it. - It's fun. I know people look at it and go, "Ah, accessibility is hard. "Do I really have to do it?" and all that sort of stuff. But it's not as hard as you think. Just give it a go. Not only will you surprise yourself, because it's actually really really easy for the most part, but also it makes you feel really really good which is why I keep doing it. - I think it's an interesting problem to solve. It's an interesting challenge to learn. Of course the more accessible we make things for people who really just need that, the more usable we make it for everyone anyway. - Absolutely. - Fantastic. Thanks so much, Adam, for that. Please thank Adam and Rebecca and Michael for their fantastic presentations this morning. (audience claps) (electronic music)