Q&A Sharpen Up Your Text With The Power of Three

– So Mandy, how much browser testing have you done with some of these things? How do you feel in terms of right now most of the browsers– – So anything that’s– – I know it was a lot of fun, you were playing it. – Yeah, yeah.

Anything that’s not using blend modes, like the split layout stuff at the beginning, that’ll all work now because we’re just using wits and overflow and pseudo elements.

Most of the major stuff’s gonna be fine with that. When you start using transforms, I guess anything that doesn’t support a transform, depending on how far you have to go back.

– But that’s pretty well supported now, transforms. – Yeah, yeah.

I don’t know.

Some people still have to support I8 or 7 or whatever. – What is the baseline? I always ask that for a conversation.

What do people, who has to support I7? – Oh that’s so good.

– Anyone have to support I6? We’re not in Korea now, so that’s good.

Seriously apparently in Korea, so many of the banking sights and things like that use ActiveX and that’s only supported on I6 so that’s still why I6 is still widely supported in a lot of places.

– Those poor people.

– I8 I guess, is that the baseline for people? We go up to I9, this is a big change.

– I9, I9. – That’s a huge change.

A year ago, I8 was the baseline for a lot of people. So that’s really good to know.

– So then it’s just clip-path isn’t supported. The stuff near the end is not gonna work in some of the more, most of the modern browsers unfortunately until are better supported.

– So what’s our current state of playing, clip-path? – Chrome is fully supported.

Firefox, Safari, they’re partial support.

You can use the svg URLs to do the shapes rather than just putting it straight in the css, i.e. nothing and probably never because they’re not doing that anymore.

– So Edge isn’t– – Edge is currently, last time I checked, it was under, it was pretty close, but it’s not fully implemented yet. So go vote on that because I would love to be able to do these things in Edge. – I guess the other thing is we can think about progressive enhancement.

You just simply say, “Well, let’s make something “that works fine without the clip-path “and then add the clip-path afterwards.” – Most of this stuff is there for visual appeal. It’s the kind of thing that if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work and that’s okay as long as it’s still readable and stuff once you take that away, that’s fine.

But anyone that does have a browser that supports it is gonna get something a little bit special which is pretty cool, I think.

– Absolutely, all right.

Well thanks again, Mandy, for that.

– Thank you. – And please

come talk to her afterwards to pick her brains about it. Let’s thank Mandy once more.

(audience claps) Well done. (electronic music)

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