Positive Psychology and Leadership in product management

“It takes 7 seconds for the mood of a leader to infect the team” Michelle McQuaid, MAPP

Positive psychology is about the concept of wellbeing of the mind, not dissimilar to the idea of training your body to be fit and healthy and avoid injury and improve long-term health by working on the areas of wellbeing that improve resilience personally and in the workplace. The science of mood contagion is a key reason to focus on discussing this concept with leaders and influencers in organisations.

Since every product manager at any level in an organisation is a leader, positive psychology is an important concept for PMs to understand in order to enable them to build high-performing teams & actively contribute to a positive culture at their organisation.

The broader reasons for understanding the benefits of positive psychology at an exec level is that an organisation that invests in staff wellbeing drive increases to company:

  • profitability
  • productivity
  • quality
  • customer satisfaction
  • employee retention (Cameron, Bright, Caza, 2004)

Thus, while the entire profession and skills of a product manager are focused on the contribution to these same metrics by making their product successful and thereby improving company objectives, I would like to add the skill of building a positive culture to their toolbox in order to compound their success.