Performance Upgrades with WebAssembly and the Edge

This talk will be taking a look at how WebAssembly and Edge Computing can improve your front end performance of your Application. We will take a look at what WebAssembly is, how it can be used to replace hot paths in your JavaScript Application. What Edge Computing is, and how it can be used to provide additional performance to low end devices. Lastly, we will look at how they can be used together for portable and performant applications.

Associated languages:

Micrio case study article from Marcel Duin:
Going from JavaScript to WebAssembly in three steps

Esri case study article from Undral Batsukh on the ArcGIS blog:
Introducing client-side projection engine

Aaron’s article/case study on his project WasmBoy, a Game Boy/Game Boy Color Emulation Library written for WebAssembly using AssemblyScript:
WebAssembly is Fast: A Real-World Benchmark of WebAssembly vs. ES6

WebAssembly SF’s YouTube page linking to a talk that Jordon Mears from Google Earth gave at WebAssembly SF:
A brief history of Google Earth and the journey to the web, Wasm, and cross browser

Brion Vibber’s presentation at the WebAssembly Summit 2020:
WebAssembly as a <video> polyfill

Aaron’s Made With WebAssembly website detailing use cases, technologies and projects made with WebAssembly

Edge Computing Infrastructure diagram from NoMore201, shared on Wikimedia Commons

Other links:
AnTuTu Benchmarks
US Government FCC Lifeline Assistance (also known as ObamaPhones) program page

Article and code demo from Aaron’s post on the Fastly blog about porting JS to AS in his [email protected] tool:
Porting JavaScript (or TypeScript) to AssemblyScript

Aaron’s AssemblyScript Markdown Parser [email protected] Demo

Aaron’s Fastly blog DOOM demo


Slide Photo Credits for any shots not by Aaron: Pixabay,

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Aaron’s Bandcamp page: “Groovy Godzilla” (Shout out to Aaron’s tracks featured in the conference!)