Operationalising Research – How ResearchOps can help

User and design research at scale brings with it overwhelming complexity. ResearchOps is a nascent profession emerging in response to a life lived at scale.

In 2018, the ResearchOPs Community was started by founder Kate Towsey. Now led by a 13 strong board, the community has undertaken 2 global projects to better define the profession and the community itself. Join Brigette Metzler and Benson Low as they take you through a map of ResearchOps and the 8 pillars that define the connection between research and operations, and guide the work of the community. They will take you on a deep dive into the Researcher Skills project that recently concluded, and give a hint as to what is to come for the community.

We’ll Cover:

  1. What is ResearchOps?
  2. What is the ResearchOps community?
  3. The 8 pillars connecting research & Ops
  4. Researcher Skills framework
  5. New work moving through the pillars- research repos, tools and templates, and more

More information about the ResearchOps Community can be found at: https//researchops.community