Machine Learning Today

Due to the hype in the media recently around the recent advances in Deep Learning, machine learning & Ai has been touted about with images of terminator and a doomsday scenario or, as a panacea that can be used to solve any problem – and I believe there is currently a large misunderstanding of what machine learning is & what it can do for your business.

The giants such as Google, Amazon & others, have a firm understanding of what Data Science, Machine Learning & Ai can do to empower their businesses. So do startups, working with very specific machine learning algorithms to solve new problems. However, I believe there is a massive gap “in the middle” where a lot of companies that are not yet familiar with machine learning tech, could benefit immensely from Data Science, Machine Learning & Ai and use it to improve their business systems.

In this talk Paul, co-founder of SigmoidOne and the Sydney Machine Learning meetup group will:

  • Demystify what machine learning is capable of in 2018,
  • Introduce a couple of easy to understand core concepts that can
  • Teach you how to identify “machine learning addressable” problems within your business that you can start working on to improve your business today.