Lean Engineering

In 1999, PayPal’s name was synonymous with innovation. In fact, the so called PayPal Mafia (original founders) went on to establish Tesla, SpaceX, YouTube, Skype and other startups. They also provided the early investments of many of the most innovative companies on the internet today. But over time that innovation slowed to a crawl.

In 2011 a number of things begin to come together for PayPal that started its journey back to innovation. This is the story of that reboot and how engineering has played a key role in partnering directly with product and design to move from a culture of products having a long shelf life, to one of rapid experimentation.

In this talk, Bill will outline the principles of Lean Engineering; principles for engineering that enable learning. Drawing from his experience leading User Interface Engineering at both Netflix & PayPal, Bill will walk you through the key principles your engineering team will need to adopt to be that enabler for product and design in your organisation. This talk will not just inspire you, but it will also give you some hard earned advice on making this a reality in your organisation.