How to outsmart time: Building futuristic JavaScript applications using Temporal

For close to 25 years now, JavaScript developers have suffered at the hands of
time: the Date object. We have tried all sorts of solutions from using popular
libraries like Moment.js all the way to handling dates and times on the backend.

Last year, I told you all about Temporal, a work-in-progress JavaScript
proposal/initiative that I have been working on that aims to fix the situation
by adding a date-time API to JavaScript that is truly futuristic.

Now it’s time to show “time” who is boss. With the Temporal API stable at Stage
3 and the polyfill ready for production use, let me show you how to harness the
power of this delightful API in order to build powerful JavaScript applications
that handle dates and times like we always wished we could. We shall also
discuss the orthogonal features being worked on in the JavaScript Intl API and
find out how these play along with each other and come together to form a
comprehensive set of APIs that allow us to build state of the art date and time
components in our applications.