How to GraphQL, and why you should

GraphQL is reshaping data on the web. Whether you are building APIs or just requesting data from them, GraphQL is quickly becoming a “must-have” skill for front-end developers. In this talk, we’ll introduce some of the key concepts and motivations which explain the rise of GraphQL, as well as some real-world practical advice for transitioning to a GraphQL mindset.

Part I: Introduction to GraphQL and its Ecosystem

As front-end developers we have come to expect the frustrations that come with APIs on the web. REST endpoints with too much or too little data make it impossible to fetch just the data we need on the page. Constantly changing product requirements too often result in a version-less API soup, and working with documentation that’s completely up-to-date is a luxury only available to the lucky few. Learn how GraphQL solves these problems and generally improves our lives as frontend devs, as well as the suite of amazing tools that have arisen around it.

Part II: Developing a GraphQL Mindset

Transitioning to GraphQL will bring you tears of joy, but like any new technology it comes with some new challenges. In this session, we’ll explore the practicalities of building web apps with GraphQL. We’ll share some best-practices, common patterns, and things to watch out for as you take GraphQL into production.