Embrace the Asynchronous

Embrace the asynchronous: for most of its history, programming has been primarily concerned with serial flows of execution. Only since the ascent of the web have millions of programmers been exposed to, and embraced, event-driven, asynchronous programming.

Programming for the web is reactionary. We respond to events from the user, the network and the browser itself. We’re regularly receiving new new asynchronous APIs in our browsers, like Geolocation and IndexedDB.

Node.js takes asynchronous programming to a new level and has tracked the rise of new approaches to managing complex program flows. Callbacks, event emitters and streams form the basis of the Node.js tool-set. JavaScript control-flow libraries are a dime a dozen. More recently we’ve seen wide adoption of Promises and we are now on the verge of new language primitives in JavaScript itself: generators.

Join Rod Vagg for a deep-dive into event-driven programming with JavaScript and learn to embrace the asynchronous.