Device APIs

Where once web pages were sand­boxed, with little if any access to the under­ly­ing device cap­ab­il­it­ies, increas­ingly, this is no longer the case.

From the first steps of geo­loca­tion, which enables any web site or applic­a­tion to ask the browser for a user’s loc­a­tion, an increas­ing range of device fea­tures are beging exposed in the DOM: the file sys­tem, cam­era, gyrosopes, address book, com­passes and more.

In this ses­sion, Dave John­son, ori­gin­ator of the phoneGap pro­ject delves into HTML5 and related device APIs, enabling us to build richer, more soph­s­it­cated applic­a­tions in the browser.