Designing Spaces for Creative Professionals

You can’t take creative people, stick them in sterile, lowest cost per square foot spaces, and expect them to achieve the best work of their lives. At Atlassian, we’ve been focussing heavily on the design of our work spaces, to create flexible, engaging, delightful, and yes productive places for our teams to work in.

It’s about a lot more than foosball tables and beanbags, and we think what we’ve learned can have value from a freelancer’s home office, to entire buildings (like ours). As our organisation has evolved from its engineering roots to incorporate a large design team, so have the needs of our office space to help us work together as multi-disciplinary teams.

Hear Alastair Simpson and Nat Jones from Atlassian talk about the creative spaces they’ve designed that have scaled with the changing needs of their teams and what they’ve learned about the benefits of creating better environments through thoughtful design.