Designing in the Browser

Each web­site is a product used daily by people to take actions, not just read the con­tent on it. Your product is amorph­ous, it takes the shape of whatever con­tainer it fills: a mobile browser, a touch enabled desktop browser, or a 30″ iMac that is con­nec­ted to the Inter­net via teth­er­ing. Pho­toshop is just one of the means to an end in this new age of util­it­arian web sites.

The new tech­no­lo­gies avail­able in HTML5 already allow you to cre­ate pro­to­types quickly in the browser. Learn how to cre­ate a pro­to­type from start to fin­ish using these new tech­no­lo­gies while tak­ing advant­age of quick pro­to­typ­ing tools.