Designing good experience for good experience designers

While stepping up from a lead experience designer to a director of experience design role, I noticed my team from 2 different perspectives. One being close to projects and the other being close to people, in this case, people being experience designers (mostly millennials)

I saw the team go through their daily routines juggling between different projects, clients, designs, researches etc. Rarely did I see or come across anyone taking time out to ‘THINK’. To think about why they are doing what they are doing, a bigger purpose, the future. I immediately knew that there was a need for change.

Often in the race to earn livelihood and working through deadlines, designers tend to forget about the super powers they have as well as the responsibilities that comes with it to shape the future. And then the career path becomes just like that of any other profession. I wonder what world we would be living in if the likes of Gaudi, Ghery, Jonathan Ivy, Paul Rand, Don Norman all were working only towards their projects and deadlines.

In this talk, I will cover the various aspects of how to create an environment, a better designed experience for those who design experiences for others and how it impacts their quality of outputs.