Beyond Measure

Our ability to track, measure and store has exploded over the last few years, with an increased emphasis on creating “products that people love.” There are buzz phrases like “site analytics,” “the quantified self” and “big data” in constant circulation. The quality of User Experience is now key to the development of a successful product. How can this be achieved? Learning about your customers.

With Agile and Lean gaining popularity in more companies, this workshop focuses on techniques to get things out to users faster- in particular, the tool many are shying away from, called Minimum Viable Product. MVP helps you to learn about your customers, a crucial step that is sadly overlooked by many companies. The more knowledge you can acquire about your customer, the better the product will ultimately be. We will explore how to design effective product experimentations, how to use MVP, how to implement an organization-wide use of this testing method, and how to incorporate it into overall Product Strategy.