Avoid Opinionitis


Pronunciation: \ə-ˈpin-yən-ˈī-təs\
Function: noun
Date: 2007

1: A dangerous syndrome where personal preference, unverified statements, and misconceptions direct the approach and deliverables of a product team, often resulting in products with no connection to reality. Opinionitis can exist for years in a near-dormant state, but then flare up into epidemic proportions, triggering symptomatic outbreaks in nearly everyone who comes into contact. Opinionitis can destroy teams, products, and professional relationships. Avoid at all costs.


This talk is a public service announcement about how Opinionitis can kill in-house and agency product teams. It looks at the root causes of opinionitis and addresses the sort of hygienic practices which can help a team remain uninfected.

For those teams already suffering Opinionitis, the talk offers consolation, but also identifies mutations of the syndrome that may be less easy to identify.

Finally, for teams on the deathbed (or the living dead), there are a set of radical triage methods to attempt to breathe life into the corpse.

Attendees will be given a 4-part course in outbreak identification, treatment & triage, quarantine, and proper disposal methods for bodies. There will be 2 exams where participants will be asked to assess an opinionitis situation and propose a successful response. Opinionitis Management certificates will be awarded on the spot.