A Decade of Disciplined Delivery

In 2019, we live in an age of immediacy. We make demands for speedier processes, or at the very least – less wait times. All industries and services have scrutinized operations in ways to make things as expeditious as possible.

When writing the influential tool FireBug, Firefox’s Joe Hewitt mentioned measuring load times as an objective. The same year, some equally influential writing was released: “High Performance Web Sites”, a book by SpeedCurve’s Steve Souders. Mr Souders had introduced 14 rules for front end engineers to live by, or how he openly opined: 14 rules to faster loading web sites.

Just over a decade later, the very websites we scrutinized for speed have matured, but so has the idea of speed itself. What was once a simple stopwatch measurement has turned to a metric in part proof and perception. But what of the 14 rules? “A Decade Of Disciplined Delivery” is a curious retrospective look at how the 14 rules apply today in 2019 in our quest to deliver and load resources as quickly as possible.